Richard Branson losing my virginity

Virgin prekinio ženklo ir imperijos kÅ«rÄ—jo biografija. “Most importantly, management is about exactly what it says: “managing”. To manage you have to make decisions about people, events unfolding and you usually have to spend money in order to make more. One of the sad realities of big business is that often people tend to forget the bit about making decisions, which is why so many large companies seem to suffer from inertia. One of the reasons that we run Virgin as a series of independent businesses is precisely to keep people focused on managing their individual companies and keep the decision process fluid. It’s worked for us.”

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  1. Egiux rašo,

    2006-11-24 @ 12:38

    Jei nesugebėjai išverst į lt kalbą tai nesuprantu kam išvis tokią temą čia įdėjai *-)

  2. scorps rašo,

    2006-12-22 @ 20:39

    dzyzus, egiux – jei nemoki skaityt, just don’t, ir pasilik savo isminti prie saves =]

    mants – o kaip knyga pati vadinas? LT yra kur paimt paskaityt/nusipirkt?

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